Engage Millennial Workers, Or Lose Them

The millennial workforce is constantly on the move, so how do companies retain younger employees?

Millennials have a reputation of constantly "job-hopping" for greener pastures, posing major problems.  Business strategist Bobby Albert says that's because only about a third of companies actually engage their workers.

“When their employees go to work each day, they're excited, they're enthusiastic, they have a passion for what they're doing,” he says.

Albert says millennials especially need to know their work is valued.

“If people can learn how to continue to grow personally in character first and skills second, they'll have more opportunities to grow into an organization.”

That means connecting better with employees who are on the frontline of what you're business is trying to accomplish.

“If you want to have a successful organization where people are thriving and profits are soaring, engage those people at the frontline who are more knowledgeable and who are going to implement those strategic plans,” Albert says.

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