Congressional Midterms Not Foregone Conclusion

Democrats are preparing for a landslide takeover of the U.S. House in November’s midterm elections, but some warn not to get too cocky.

Democrats along with the mainstream media are already calling the midterms a "referendum" on President Donald Trump's presidency.  GOP strategist Jeffrey Lord, associate political director under President Ronald Reagan, argues modern history proves otherwise.

“A number of these people, FDR included, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, others have gotten clobbered in these off-year elections and then they come back and win these sweeping landslide victories,” he says.

“This is January and we have absolutely no idea what's going to go on between now and early November of this year.  Any number of things could happen that could either help the president or hurt the president, hurt Congress or help them, so you need not to be too premature in all this.”

If Dems do take over the House, there's talk of immediate impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

“Impeach him for what?  For saying the 's' word?  What are they going to impeach him for?  He hasn't broken any laws.  He hasn't done anything wrong.  They just don't like him and you can't impeach somebody because you don't like them.”

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