Trump supporters nervous about comprehensive immigration reform

President Trump has floated the idea of comprehensive immigration reform, and his base is not happy the word ‘amnesty’ is now out there.

David Ray with the Federation for American Immigration Reform tells KTRH this could lead to droves of new illegals.

“If he and Democrats continue to talk about amnesty, we might as well put a turnstile on the border because the wave is going to be enormous,” Ray said.

Mark Krikorian with the Center for Immigration Studies told Fox News the costs to you would be huge.

“What the National Academies of Science has found was that the average illegal immigrant has cost taxpayers over his lifetime 75-thousand dollars,” Krikorian explained.

Elsewhere, Canada, which once said it would accept the immigrants we would not, is changing its tune. Ray explains why.

“When that diversity started showing up on their border in the form of tens of thousands of illegal Haitians and Central Americans, Mr. Trudeau had to walk back his enthusiasm a little bit,” Ray stated.

In fact, Canada has now started actively discouraging those immigrants from going north from the US into Canada.

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