Surprising List of Most Stressful Jobs

A recent list of most stressful jobs offers a glimpse at some high-risk, but little reward occupations.

According to, the most stressful jobs are military, firefighters, airline pilots and cops who tend to be adrenaline junkies.  But broadcaster, newspaper journalist and event planner also made the list.

“You are at times in control of thousands of people and it doesn't take much for something to go wrong, says Dr. Daren Martin, “The Culture Architect,” of event planners.

“In terms of soldiers, pilots and first responders, all of those jobs are very high adrenaline and a lot of people function very well and operate just being at the center of the activity,” he says.  “On the officers and firefighters side, obviously if they save somebody's life that's a pretty big rush.”

There are much higher paying jobs in the medical field that come with lower reward or praise.

“Anesthesiology can be a high-risk profession, but it's not like being a surgeon” says Martin.  “So they are higher paid, but they're not having to pay the big premiums.”

Martin says the latest hiring trend is to find a "people person" who can relate with virtually anyone to help solve problems.

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