POLL: Many of us plan to die with debt

A credit card industry report says a whopping 68% of Americans with debt doubt they'll ever pay it off. The report says the older you are, the more pessimistic you are.

Credit card analyst Matt Schulz says debtors need to make 2018 the year they pay it off because interest rates are rising.

"Something to consider is a zero percent offer balance transfer card. There's never been a better time to apply for one of these cards and we see them that have offers of 15 months or up to 21 months with no interest."

Schulz says the 68& figure is troubling, because the economy is doing well now and it'll get really ugly the next time it isn't.

"The fact that so many people are struggling with debt during good times is troubling because it bodes ill for when things eventually turn bad."

The report says over 31 million Americans think they've dug a credit card debt hole so deep they'll never be able to climb out.

On the bright side, 27-percent of Americans say they're debt free.

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