Liberal Media Called Shills for Gossipy Book

The gossip-filled book alleging chaos within the Trump administration has become a best-seller -- but critics say that's because some of its most enthusiastic publicists have been the major broadcast TV networks.

The conservative Media Research Center says the Big Three networks -- ABC, CBS and NBC -- had more than two hours' worth of news coverage last week about the book "Fire and Fury."

Geoff Dickens, deputy research director at the conservative Media Research Center, tells Newsradio 740 KTRH that the hyper-coverage came at the expense of stories like the call for a renewed federal look into Clinton Foundation operations and the stock market’s Dow Jones Industrial Average soaring to a record 25,000 index.

Dickens claims CBS had the most overkill among the major networks, followed closely by ABC.

MRC says CBS had 49 minutes and 40 seconds of coverage of the Wolff book – and of the fallout for former Trump strategist Steve Bannon. ABC was second with 46 minutes and 22 seconds on the book and its repercussions, according to the MRC.

“The Big Three news outlets … engaged in a feeding frenzy over Michael Wolff’s gossip-filled book, as they eat up the salacious details in Fire and Fury.,” the MRC said in a statement.

“However, the positive stock market news for the Trump administration garnered a hiccup of coverage on ABC (23 seconds) and brief mentions on NBC (1 minutes, 7 seconds) and CBS (4 minutes, 16 seconds),” the MRC stated.

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