Leno lashes out against late night television

You can count former ‘Tonight Show’ host Jay Leno among those that are not happy with how late night television treats President Trump.

Leno told the Hollywood Reporter late night television has become “depressing.” Dan Gainor with the Media Research Center says the network don’t want their hosts changing at all, though.

“They are not encouraged to learn. The networks don’t want them to change. It’s not a comedy show, it’s a propaganda show,” Gainor explained.

So, in the effort to be fresh, does Gainor think Leno should come back?

“I would love to see him come back, but we can’t keep relying on people who were famous to come back and try to save things,” Gainor told KTRH News.

Hollywood just doesn’t seem to learn, though, and the numbers prove it. The Golden Globes lost a million viewers from last year, and ratings for the 18-49 year old demo were down 11% for this year's show.

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