Here’s one time drinking and driving can mix

Lyft has teamed up with a Chicago craft brewery to make a beer that has a discount code for the ride-sharing app on the can.

Texian Brewing Company President Joshua Haley said for his clientele, a safe way home is part of their state of mind.

“It’s certainly something good to offer. You’re number one fear at the end of the evening is one of your patrons or one of your regulars either getting in trouble or getting themselves into some sort of danger,” said Haley.

The discount offers 40-60 percent off a Lyft ride and expires within seven days.

“Maybe seeing a coupon and seeing an advertisement on the side of a product gives them that state of mind. It’ll be interesting to see if it that either deters (DUI) numbers or increases ridership, either way,” said Haley.

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