Happy divorce season

Legal experts explain a worldwide phenomenon that, January is most popular time of year for people to file for divorce. Cordelle and Cordelle CEO Scott Trout said the divorce season starts at the stroke of midnight January 1 and runs through March.

He said once the holidays are over, so is the hopefulness.

“I think it really has everything to do with trying and hoping that in the season, they can work through those issues or trying to avoid filing and upsetting kids during the holiday,” said

Houston divorce attorney Mike Mott said the holiday stress levels—starting with Thanksgiving—add to underlying problems.

“The stress of the holidays certainly adds to the overall stress level causing people to file in January,” said Mott. “A lot of times, families want to get through the holidays and once the holidays are over and the new year starts, they’re ready to ramp up litigation, and file and get the process rolling.”

For a small percentage, there's a financial element involved.

Besides this being divorce season, right now, there's a huge influx of profiles on dating Web sites.

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