Google showing their bias again

Google is at it yet again, showing a clear bias against conservative websites while treating liberal websites with kid gloves.

Google is now displaying fact checks for conservative publications in its search results. Those include a section called 'Reviewed Claims'. Sites like Vox or Salon do not get the 'Reviewed Claims' treatment. Michael Johns co-founded the US Tea Party Movement tells KTRH this is more than just bias.

“It’s not only a bias against conservative ideas, which is self-evident. It’s a failure to understand conservative ideas,” Johns said.

So, Johns is hoping for a solution, and that solution is to educate the folks at Google.

“They have to realize that over half the country, over 60 million Americans, don’t subscribe to their ideological perspective,” Johns stated, adding that if the bias doesn't stop, you could see the government get involved in the form of regulation.

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