Sleep more to lose Weight

Researchers in Britain claim just 20 more minutes of sleep can help you lose weight. The idea is sleeping more means you eat less sugar.

Dietician Kristi King at Texas Children's Hospital says every little bit helps but you'll probably need to do a little more to reach your dietary goals.

"I'm not really sure that just an extra 20 minutes of sleep is going to give you the results you're looking for without doing other healthy lifestyle changes, but I definitely think that the extra sleep helps."

King points out when you're tired you're more likely to go for fast food and snacks and things that don't help with weight loss.

"We also know that people who are tired tend to gravitate toward junk food and foods that are high in sugar, so it makes sense that if you are not as tired you are not going to be gravitating as much toward those foods."

King says losing weight is never easy; you'll need to eat right and exercise.

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