Austin Fight Over Concealed Carry Law Moves to Trial

A court battle over concealed handguns in Austin City Hall could further clarify the state's 2015 law.

Michael Cargill of Central Texas Gun Works says Austin city officials kept its 30.06 sign long after the law went into effect.  The Texas attorney general filed suit, and the city now stands to pay a hefty fine.

“Because the city of Austin has delayed this case for so long, now we're looking at $7.3 million and that's going up anywhere from $10,000 to $10,500 per day,” he says.

Austin tried to get the AG's suit dismissed, but a Travis County judge last month allowed it to go to trial.

“The only people that have the right to legislate the wearing of arms is the Texas Legislature.  Not the mayor of the city of Austin.  Not the city council member in the city of Austin.  Not the city manager of Austin,” says Cargill.

Since the law took effect, the AG's office has issued 30 rulings on complaints across the state.

“There are a bunch of cases that are out there, but this one is going to be the flagship, the one that sets the standard for all state, city and county municipalities.  You follow the law or you will face a lawsuit.”

No trial date has been set.

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