POLL: Will Facebook do what it needs to do to deal with their problems?

Facebook and other social media platforms have issues to deal with. But whether or not they do what’s needed to be done to deal with them could impact whether or not the government gets involved down the road.

There are two issues. The first one is studies showing a negative psychological impact on Facebook users. The other is Fake News. Zuckerberg says he's trying to deal with that, but Kami Huyse at Zoetica Media tells KTRH social media needs to deal with this.

“What we can expect is for there to be some thoughtfulness around how it’s handled. So I do expect to see a lot of movement in this area, because they are going to be facing a lot of court challenges eventually,” Huyse explained.

In other words, the hiring of content moderators by Facebook may not be enough. And if the problem gets worse, Huyse thinks the government will get involved.

“How are they going to get this into the box before they are regulated? Because we are heading for an eventual regulation of this industry I think,” Huyse stated, adding that social media may need this regulation because it has grown quicker than anyone imagined ten years ago.

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