Why do businesses like Trump so much?

The economy is booming under President Donald Trump. We know that from the jobs numbers. We know that from other economic indicators. But, what you may not know is exactly how big business is feeling about it.

And according to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, business simply feels renewed with this President in charge.

“They are happy to have somebody who respects what it takes to go and earn a living, hire people and create jobs. I think it has given them a real boost in morale,” Gingrich told a New York City radio station this past weekend.

This President has already dropped many of the burdensome regulations that were the calling card of former President Obama.

“Two things businesses hate. One is regulation and the other is uncertainty. And when Donald Trump campaigned he said he was going to roll back regulation,” said Patrick Jankowski of the Greater Houston Partnership.

And that is exactly what Trump has done. So how do Houston businesses feel about all of this?

“Businesses in Houston feel better now than they have in several years,” Jankowski explained. “The downturn in the oil industry is over and they have the promise of strong economic growth ahead of them.”

And as the economy grows nationally, Jankowski says that will only help business here in Houston

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