Next-Generation Cars Steal the Show at CES 2018

The big tech show in Las Vegas is going on with focus on AI, powered robots and self-driving cars. LG Electronic's IP Park said the more you use "Thin Q," the more they learn about you and evolve to meet your needs when driving.

“In the car, LG’s cabin monitoring technology learns the driver’s facial expression and gesture. It recognizes the moment you start getting drowsy and it alerts you,” said Park.

Autonomous and electric cars continue to be at the front of advanced technology and artificial intelligence.

The Byton Concept EV (electronic vehicle) was just unveiled and will cost $45,000. It has a touch-sensitive screen on the steering wheel, iHealth devices, video chat and rotating front seats with an even smarter Amazon Alexa.

“It tests the intelligence to see what is happening in the car and to respond, to diagnose and protect the vehicle against failures and threats,” said a Byton demonstrator.

Bosch Driver Assistance & Automated Driving's Kay Stepper said they’ve moved from hardware to design.

“Bosch is working on what we call a minimum risk maneuver to bring the vehicle into a safe state in case the driver is no longer capable, for whatever reason, to operate the machine,” said Stepper.

Bosch now offers an online automated driving course.

Rollout for autonomous vehicles is next year.

The next big tech thing this year is faster and smarter technology for enhanced living.

Air conditioners will soon learn your living patterns over time and adjust the temperature. You will also be able to talk to your TV for multiple needs around the house, not just to adjust the volume or change the channel.

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