Cell Phone Addiction – Who’s Responsible for a Solution?

A Common Sense Media survey reports half of teenagers in the United States feel like they are addicted to their mobile phones.  Effects of the condition include headache, ringing ears, loss of memory and insomnia. Houston Clinical Psychologist Dr. Laurence Abrams says there are sad psychological effects as well.

“The long term effects are reduced face-to-face social contact which is what the user wanted to begin with. The unfortunate part of that is the isolation can lead to depression and anxiety and deep loneliness.”

So – who’s going to jump in and supply some solutions?  Do cellphone makers have an obligation to fight this addiction the same way drug companies have a responsibility to battle opioid addiction? 

According to the Wall Street Journal, two of Apple's largest shareholders think so and are petitioning the company to address the matter. We’ll see if “money talks” in this affair.

Dr. Abrams also says parents are responsible for their children's use and has one tip to at least lessen your kids' time with social media.

“Take their phones away at night. You’ll cut down on sleep deprivation and there won’t be any private late-night chats that could lead to trouble later.”

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