POLL: Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Today is the day for you to show police just how much you appreciate them. It’s National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

There are special events being held across the country. But you don't need to go to one to let police know you appreciate them. HPD Chief Art Acevedo says it's as simple as saying ‘Thanks.’

“It takes very little, but that little bit of appreciation goes a long way in recharging our officers,” Acevedo told KTRH News.

Acevedo also says Harvey had a lot to do with strengthening the connection between cops and the people of Houston.

“We were in the water and making a difference. I think that’s something people will take with them for many years to come,” Acevedo explained.

Fort bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls says police were only doing their jobs during Harvey, and that you were the real heroes of the storm.

“The neighbors and everyone that came into Texas to help; those are the true heroes of Hurricane Harvey,” Nehls said.

Other ways you can show the cops how much you appreciate them include sharing a story about a positive law enforcement experience or wearing the color blue.

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