Good luck Job hunting, but be careful

Experts agree, it's a good time to look for a new gig. But don't do it for a small pay increase; do it to solve problems.

Author and workplace culture expert Bobby Albert says the grass always appears greener and you find out too late.

"Investigate who you're going to work for more deeply other than just going for a higher pay."

Albert says watch out; you should move to solve problems.

"There's a good chance, and what I've seen and observed for many years is, you're going to experience different problems and maybe even more problems where you're going to."

Albert says if you're comfortable in your current job, a little more pay may not compensate for the upheaval that comes with a new workplace.

On the other hand, how do employers keep their best workers? Albert says that isn't always about higher pay, either.

"The employees are really looking for 'do you care for me as a person, do I belong here, in other words do I fit here, can I contribute toward the goals of this organization, does this company stand for something?'"

Albert says employees also want a work environment that teaches them skills to do a better job.

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