Your Car is Reading Your Mind

The Consumer Electronic Show begins tomorrow in Las Vegas, and Nissans new mind-reading car is sure to turn heads.

Auto industry analyst David Stivers says B2V technology, brain to vehicle, is the latest step in the move to autonomous cars. “It’s where the brain sends out signals that assist the automobile in how to function; when to brake, where to steer, whether to speed up or slow down,” he tells KTRH News.

Taking a page from medical science, Nissan uses a skullcap studded with electrodes to translate brain signals into action. 

It might make commuting on the notoriously crappy Richmond Avenue slightly more pleasant, but it totally changes the driving experience.  “It takes the driver away from the feel of the car, it takes the driver away from the performance of the car, because it just reads the driver’s brain signals,” Stivers says.

Lyft will be providing convention attendees driverless taxi service while they are in Las Vegas for the show through Friday, and the city will have self-driving shuttles on the streets.

Developers are still considering the possibilities of a car that can read your mind.  If you think you’re warm, it can turn up the air-conditioning.  Think of a song.  Boom.  It plays.  Back sore?  It can adjust the lumbar support.

We are driving quickly into a brave new world.

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