We're seeing a Self-Storage Boom

Self-storage facilities are popping up all over the country and Texas is no exception.

Kyle Bainter owns Callbox Storage in Dallas. He says many Baby Boomers are moving into smaller homes.

"Downsizing happens, right or wrong, it's kind of where they are in their life stage and the next generation, the Millennials, generally like to live more urban."

Bainter says there's also a 'Tiny House' movement.

"In a tiny house you have no storage in there and in Texas, generally, we don't have basements."

Bainter says his company charges about a hundred bucks a month to house your old furniture or family heirlooms. What's different is his company will move your stuff for you.

"We do the heavy lifting; we load the items and take 'em to storage -- our secure storage facilities -- and the items are barcoded and photographed so the customer can login to an app and see everything in storage."

Callbox storage is expanding to Houston and Austin.

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