POLL: Trump Moves Election Integrity Under DHS

President Donald Trump dissolved his commission on election integrity, but he's already launched a 'Plan B' to combat what he calls widespread voter fraud.

The president says the commission was hamstrung by Democratic states which refused to turn over data.  J. Christian Adams, president and general counsel at the Public Interest Legal Foundation, says the left shouldn't celebrate just yet.

“They might delight in the dissolution of the commission, but before long they will realize that advocates of election integrity have a lot more stamina, support and perseverance than they realize,” he says.

In fact, President Trump has now ordered DHS to look at the issue.

“The Department of Homeland Security has a lot good data on who the non-citizens are, so matching that data with who is on the rolls will yield some interesting answers about the scope of non-citizen registration,” says Adams.

The commission had already found 983 convictions for voter fraud since 2000, including double-voting in 21 states and 127 known cases in Kansas of illegal aliens registering to vote.

“Citizenship verification, things that almost everybody agrees with,” says Adams.  “Voter ID is wildly popular among every demographic, yet there are groups that have bottomless supplies of money to litigate in court to try to tie these things up.”

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