Construction projects ramping up around Houston

As you start the work week, you already know you are going to hit traffic. But there is an added bonus as we get the new year started. Construction projects.

There are a number of them that are now underway, and that is just going to add to the headache that you get every morning as you try to make it through rush hour.

“I-45 has been under construction as long as I’ve been alive,” Don Hooper at the Houston Conservative Forum explained. “I think what you are seeing are projects that have been delayed because funding hasn’t been there.”

There are other reasons why it seems that these projects take forever, and that once they are done, it seems like it’s time to start them up again.

“Part of that is the growth of the region. Part of that is that we are so far behind on our infrastructure. We are always playing catch up,” former Houston Mayoral candidate Bill King told KTRH News.

Of course these projects impact congestion and the time it takes for you to get to where you need to go. And King says that in some cases, the construction can spell doom for local businesses.

“I think it’s the local projects that cut off the access to businesses that cause the problems,” King stated, adding that they hurt businesses more than highway construction projects do.

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