POLL: Who will Trump base support in rift with Bannon?

The rift between President Trump and former advisor Steve Bannon has a lot of people talking this week, but there doesn’t seem to be any question about who the Trump base will wind up supporting.

The base seems to be firmly on the side of the President, which led to these comments from Bannon on his radio show Wednesday night.

“The President of the United States is a great man. I support him day and day out,” Bannon said.

That led to this from the President on Thursday.

“He called me a great man. He obviously changed his tune pretty quick,” Trump stated.

Texas Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak told KTRH Bannon knows he was in the wrong here.

“Bannon knows he doesn’t have the same grasp over the Trump coalition than Trump has. A staffer can’t fight the President of the United States,” Mackowiak explained.

And Mackowiak says this might lead to further problems for Bannon, who wants to back candidates challenging establishment Republicans in the midterms.

“You have Senate candidates that he personally recruited to run for office that were distancing themselves from him,” Mackowiak said, adding that it would be very hard for Bannon to put that kind of challenge together now given what has happened.

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