Fight Over Texas Voting Rights Continues in 2018

Ongoing court battles over redistricting and voter ID in Texas could land the state back under federal supervision by the end of 2018.

Texas emerged from preclearance under the Voting Rights Act just five years ago, but minority groups now argue the state's voter ID law is discriminatory.

“The only reason you would fight against voter ID is if there was something to hide, if there was an advantage what would be less if you asked voters to prove who they were,” says Cathering Engelbrecht at True the Vote.

The same argument is being made against district boundaries.

“To suggest lines are being drawn on the basis racial profiling effort, that absolutely does not comport with anything I've ever seen coming out of any of our Texas legislators,” says Engelbrecht.

She argues the ongoing legal battle comes straight from the Democrats' playbook.

“Litigation has become a major arm of a political campaign and the ability to tie something up in court, confuse and confound and leave opportunities for following lawsuits.”

Appeals are likely regardless of any ruling.

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