Computer, smartphone users at risk

Anyone who has a computer or smartphone with an Intel chip could be at risk for having your private information stolen.

Security researchers found flaws that could let hackers steal sensitive from any device containing chips from Intel Corporation.

ID Theft Security dot com's Robert Siciliano said the flaw can infect devices in such a way that will allow anyone can get access to sniff out user activity.

“This software, this critical security patch will essentially supersede the vulnerability and protect users from unwanted snooping,” said Siciliano.

He said you'll need to download a patch and update their operating system to fix.

“Criminals can bypass existing security protections and they can find a backdoor into your computing habits,” said Siciliano.

Intel Corporation was going to disclose the problem Tuesday, January 9.

Manufacturers will send out critical security operating system updates for software patches next week.

If you have the latest security updates and are an Android, Nexus or Pixel phone user, you should be okay, as well as Gmail users. Chrome web browser and Google Cloud services will need to install updates.

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