Trump has a big 2018 agenda

After getting his first legislative win with tax reform, President Donald Trump has an ambitious agenda for 2018. Political scientist Allan Saxe at UT Arlington says the President will try to get things done on a number of fronts.

“Immigration and infrastructure are just two of the issues,” Saxe stated. “There are so many issues on the agenda.”

So does the President have the support in Congress to get deals done on these issues? Saxe says it should be an easier road in the House.

“Speaker Ryan probably has the votes. But as we learned, even a few votes are votes you have to work at,” Saxe said, adding that it will be tougher in the Senate with a smaller Republican majority.

And with the midterms looming in November, Saxe adds the democrats will fight Trump at every turn, looking to deal him a political blow on Election Day.

“There’s a lot of talk about it, especially in the media and among Democrats that don’t like President Trump. They want to deal him a big political blow,” Saxe explained.

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