‘Privilege’ test being given to kids at school

As you send your kids off to school this morning, here’s another example of how the liberal left is trying to indoctrinate your kids.

In some schools, kids are being told by teachers if their father is white, straight, and drives a car, they might be 'privileged.' Yes, ‘White Privilege’ is a topic of discussion again, as part of this 'privilege test.' It's something that education expert Jean Burk shakes her head at.

“This is discrimination, just reversed the other way,” Burk said. “It’s just another spiraling down and the breaking down of families in our society.”

And she says this is just one reason why parents are pulling kids out of the public school system for other options, like home schooling.

“I want to raise solid, well balanced, self-independent thinkers,” Burk explained. “And the only way I can do that is for me to impart my wisdom and truth, and let them make decisions and not have the decisions made for them.”

The good news for Texas is that this is not happening here this privilege test was being given to kids at a middle school in Wisconsin.

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