POLL: Lt. Gov: Texas Will Never Ever Become Sanctuary State

The Golden State officially became a "sanctuary state" with the New Year, and because so many Californians are moving to Texas, there's concern they're bringing those same beliefs with them.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says nothing could be further from the truth, insisting Texas will never become a 'sanctuary state.'

“People are coming to Texas to get away from high tax states, and states like California who have ridiculous laws declaring their state a 'sanctuary state.”

Texas' anti-sanctuary city law is being challenged by a handful of cities, but Patrick believes there's proof the law is needed and will be upheld.

“We have arrested and put in our jails in Texas over 200,000 criminal aliens since 2011 who we have charged with everything from murder to drugs, to kidnapping and gun running, you name it.”

Just one Texas sheriff opposes the law, she also happens to be running for governor.

“We will not have sanctuary cities in the state of Texas and we will never, never ever have a sanctuary state like California,” Patrick added.  “They are putting their citizens and entire state economy at-risk, that's why people are leaving California.”

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