What would the Trump infrastructure plan mean for Houston?

The Trump Administration is expected to unveil its infrastructure plan soon, and as you make your way into work this morning, you might wonder what it will mean for you.

So we asked someone who is in a position to know. Tim Lomax is with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, and tells KTRH the plan will total about a trillion dollars.

“It looks like the proposal is for a little bit of federal money and a whole lot of private sector money,” Lomax explained. “It might look like lots more toll roads is my guess.”

That won’t make a lot of you happy. But Lomax says it doesn’t seem to have stopped drivers from using the toll roads we already have.

“You look at the Hardy and the other toll roads in the Houston area and they are very well used. There is congestion on those roads,” Lomax stated.

So how long will it take to implement once it passes, if it passes?

“You might see some projects get going within the next couple of years. Typically these big projects take a decade or more to conceive,” Lomax said.

The President has indicated he will reach out to the other side of the aisle and try to work with Democrats on this plan.

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