POLL: 2018 401(k) Mystery

With the 2017 stock market showing the greatest gains since 2013, it’s no surprise that last year was a good year for most 401(k) investors. 2018 will also bring IRS tax law and bracket changes that may affect your 401(k) earnings. 

USA TODAY’s analysis of more than a dozen predictions from Wall Street’s biggest banks found a wide variation. Financial Advisor and Partner with The Pension Professionals in Houston John Osborn said some 401(k) investors may be reacting favorably this year to last year's bull market:

 “The thing that will make it attractive is that some people will be looking at their earnings from their 2017 401(k)s and say, ‘OOO, Wow! I have a lot of money for my retirement that I didn’t expect to have.’”  Those people may add another per cent or two to their accounts this year.

Others, Osborn said, will, “see the changes in the tax laws will make the tax benefits not as attractive as they were last year. And some people may not invest at all in their 401(k) this year.”

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