POLL: Trump gets back to work

President Trump is getting back to work following his Christmas and New Year’s vacation. He got as big win with tax reform last month. So what’s next?

“I believe the big issue now is going to be infrastructure,” RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong told KTRH, adding he thinks the President will try to get a bipartisan deal done.

So, is there a deadline for all of this? Armstrong says there is.

“There’s a tight deadline. In Texas we have our primary in March. Most other states have their primaries much later,” Armstrong explained, saying that voters will get upset if there is no movement on this.

Another issue Trump will tackle is immigration. But David Ray at the Federation for American Immigration Reform says we are in better shape now than we were before Trump took office.

“Through his executive powers, the President has made great gains in stopping illegal immigration,” Ray stated.

But Ray says construction of the wall has to start soon.

“We know where it needs to go. Prototypes are finished. Construction needs to start sooner rather than later,” Ray told KTRH News.

Another immigration factor that will come up is DACA as Congress tries to find the fix that the President wants.

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