This could be the Year You cut the Cord

In years past it was more difficult to cut the cord but now there are several easy to set up, easy to use solutions.

Luke Bouma is editor of Cord Cutters News.

"Every day it's becoming easier and easier to cut the cord with new services launching and more content becoming available for streaming online."

Bouma says cutting the cord is a minimal investment these days.

"I set my parents up with a Roku; I found that was the easiest streaming player for them to use with the auto launch for Netflix, Amazon and Hulu right on the remote."

Sling TV's Air TV is also simple to set up.

"It auto boots into Sling TV; looks like a lot more cable, acts like a cable box, includes an over the air antenna Netflix, everything, all in one easy to use user interface."

Bouma says you just need a 25-megabit or better Internet connection. There are several streamers that offer the content of cable, including Sling TV, YouTube, DirecTV now, and even through the PlayStation 4 game console.

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