Cold snap hits Houston

As you step outside the house to head to the office this morning, it hits you right in the face. A bitter cold snap has settled over Houston.

It seems like Houston was ready. There wasn’t much left in terms of supplies at the Home Depot on Westheimer.  Talking to some of the attendants there it was slim pickings.

“We ran out of supplies three days ago,” one worker said.

Another Home Depot worker says the bitter cold snap led to a run on anything that will keep you warm, lime space heaters. Supplies started running out because you were ready for what Mother Nature is bringing to us.

“If you don’t get those supplies it could cost you a lot of money in the end,” another Home Depot worker said.

And check around the house today. Make sure you have what you need and keep in mind to disconnect the garden hose, because we've got another very cold night ahead.

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