Autonomous cars influence insurance rates

Auto insurance discounts could be coming our way, if you're willing to activate Autopilot functionality in your self-driving car.

Nine states, along with Direct Line in the UK, offer insurance discounts for autonomous car use.

They are just collecting data to see if insurance premiums should be adjusted.

Huffines Auto Dealerships Ray Huffines said more insurance companies could catch on.

“Insurance companies would want to encourage people to utilize technology that’s available in their vehicles. Safety technology, which would of course, save the insurance company money if they can avoid crashes,” said Huffines.

He said safe technology includes adaptive cruise control.

“There’s also features that will stop the vehicle before it hits a vehicle. Also, there’s lane departure warnings that will actually pull you back into the lane,” said Huffines.

He said self-driving is a misnomer. You still need a person behind the wheel who is alert.

There's talk if human drivers go away, will there even be a need for individual insurance. And, one day, will more cars be leased than owned?

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