SCOTUS 2017: Trump Biggest Winner

When it comes to the U.S. Supreme Court, many are calling 2017 the 'calm before the storm.'  But one scholar says the clear cut winner this year was President Donald Trump.

In a year lacking any 'blockbuster-type' cases, the high court's decision on President Trump's travel moratorium topped all others.

“The court allowed his travel ban to continue while the big case itself is still working its way through the courts,” says T. Gerald Treece, professor at South Texas College of Law Houston.

Before that, Trump started the year by getting his appointment Justice Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the bench.

“He's got a person who is a little right of center, and look at some of the issues that are now coming back, like whether or not Texas can deny benefits to gay couples,” says Treece.

The president also has filled scores of lower court openings with conservative judges.

“The federal courts are getting confirmed at a record total and all this is putting President Trump's imprint upon, not just our time now, but for a long time to come.”

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