Parents get response with Reply ASAP

If your kids aren't answering your texts...there's an app for that.

Parents can now confirm their child has seen the text. In fact, kids can't do anything with the phone until they answer their folks.

The High Tech Texan Michael Garfield said ReplyASAP is a teenager’s worst nightmare.

“It sounds an alarm over their phone. If the kids set it on silent, it still beeps through. So, the message appears over whatever else they’re doing on the phone. And, the alarm will not stop until the message is acknowledged,” said Garfield.

The app works both ways. Teens can also send urgent messages to their parents’ phones.

“So the kids can actually use the same thing for you as a parent, to make sure that you respond, too. If you give these kids a phone, you want to make sure they can reach you, you can reach them in a very timely matter,” said Garfield.

Garfield said parents want an immediate response...especially in cases of emergency. It's not intended for trivial matters, only emergencies.

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