POLL: Journalists might be committing sins

Pope Francis tells journalists to not be one-sided. Those who dredge up old scandals and sensationalize the news commit a “very serious sin”.

Relevant Radio's Fr. Francis “Rocky” Hoffman said your sin is false information, called calumny.

“When you don’t tell the truth, that’s called calumny if it detracts from somebody’s reputation. If you’re telling the truth, it could be defamation or detraction. As Christians, when people make mistakes, they should be called to task, but then they need to be forgiven. We need to move on,” said Hoffman.

He said when you dig up things from the past, you start to lose context and should just be staying in the news cycle.

“The power of the media is such…that you could ruin a person’s reputation with just one piece of information, whether it’s true information or false information,” said Hoffman.

He added many people let the media do their thinking for them.

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