Bet on Tech in 2018

Tech stocks may be the investment for 2018. Some experts think tech companies will benefit most from the corporate tax cut.

Bloomberg's Cory Johnson says the extra capital for research and development will light a fire under tech stocks.

"I think the potential is there for companies like Cisco, companies like VMWare, companies like Oracle to get a great benefit from all sorts of companies looking to spend money on IT and use enterprise technology."

Johnson says the NASDAQ rose 29% in 2017 alone and if you'd bought tech stocks ten years ago, you'd be sitting pretty right now.

"We've had a 337% return in NASDAQ, tech heavy NASDAQ; the notion that you could have more than tripled your money in this short period of time is simply amazing."

Johnson says he expects tech companies to really benefit from the GOP tax cut bill. He says some companies will expand research and development and that will have a ripple effect.

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