Good, bad and ugly of 2017

Across the nation, 2017's big news started off with the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

“It was unprecedented. I don’t believe many people actually thought it would happen. It was surreal,” said Goldman McCormick PR's founder Ryan McCormick.


He also remembers August's eclipse.

“People all around the world were gathered, collectively, in a moment of peace. And, it was amazing to see people go crazy over the glasses, to make sure they can get the eclipse-proof glasses,” said McCormick.


Now, we're ending it with daily sexual misconduct claims. McCormick said exposure of it, is actually a good thing.

“The ugly is something that’s been a part of our culture for several years. And, the fact that women and men are collectively standing together to say this is disgusting, this will no longer be tolerated’; I can only look at it and say this is a wonderful, wonderful step forward,” said McCormick


Don't forget the NFL’s unprecedented protests.

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