Gift cards to defunct stores

Getting a gift you didn't want. What do you do when you get a gift from a place that is bankrupt or defunct?

“If you used a credit card to buy the gift card, the contact your credit card company and file a charge back. That could save you. You might be able to get all of your money back. If someone else bought the gift card for you, ask them to initiate the charge back,” said founder Walter Engelbrecht.

You can also fill out a consumer complaint form with the Texas Attorney General's office.

“They actually might help apply pressure on the bankrupt retailer and force them to accept gift cards for a while longer. That’s actually what happened with Radio Shack,” said Englebrecht.

Remember Radio Shack? Bankruptcy court refunded millions of dollars to consumers.

He said as an absolute last resort, you could file a claim in bankruptcy court, as an unsecured creditor. It might take some time as banks and land lords get taken care of first because they're secured creditors.

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