Big Holiday Meals – Fun or Harmful?

Overeating at holiday parties and promising to do better next year is an American tradition.  But some bodily harm may follow.

UT Health Cardiologist Dr. John Higgins says that the average American can eat 4500 calories and 250 grams of fat during ONE holiday meal.  “Running a marathon wouldn’t burn off all those calories,” comments Dr. Higgins.

He has a few tips to help keep you from overindulging at New Year affairs. “Don’t go to any  party starving. Eat an apple before you go. Put less on your plate. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day leading up to the party – and afterwards as well!”  At a big meal, chew a lot more! The more you chew, the more satisfied you will be and the less you will eat.  Dr. Higgins emphatically reminds his heart patients to keep the salt to a minimum.    

During the holidays, avoid binging on anything!  Watching too much TV, eating too much chocolate or drinking too much alcohol are all unhealthful habits. “Get some exercise instead,” urges Dr. Higgins. 

When you give your New Year’s Party (whether –Eve or –Day) be considerate of your guests.  By simply using smaller, colored plates, dimming the lights and playing soft music, you’re helping your friends eat less.  Who knew?!

Enjoy the folks at your table as well as the cocktails and meal and you’ll have a great New Year experience!

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