Bathroom Bill, Sanctuary Cities dominated Texas Politics until Harvey

Texas Politics was dominated for much of the year by issues like Sanctuary Cities and the proposed ‘Bathroom Bill.’ But in August, that all changed.

That's when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, causing some 180 billion dollars in damage. Texas Republican consultant Bill Miller told KTRH whatever issues lawmakers were debating at the time of the storm paled in comparison.

“Now they are pointing out what we need to do to help people that still need it. That’s where we are today,” Miller said.

In fact, just last week Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner made a plea for more help from Washington.

Social conservatives in Austin were looking for a 'Bathroom Bill' to be passed. But it never went anywhere. Miller says that was a big loss for people like Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

“It was an overreach. It wasn’t something that was being demanded. It was something that was wanted. There’s a big difference between demand and need,” Miller explained.

But there was a big win as the legislature passed the law against Sanctuary Cities, one that is now being fought in the court system.

“That was something that he campaigned on. He succeeded. It was one he wanted to notch up and they did so,” Miller stated.

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