How much will corporate tax breaks help you?

Even though the new tax reform package that President Trump signed into law last week cuts corporate tax rates from 35% to 21%, some economists aren’t so sure you will see the benefits.

Many of them are predicting only a modest impact on workers. But Hank Lewis, economist at Lone Star College, tells KTRH it's way too soon for anyone to make any hard and fast predictions on what tax reform will do.

“There is about a six month to one year delay in the impact, working its way into the economy far enough to be detectable. I’d say at this time next year we will have a much clearer picture,” Lewis said.

But he does say he thinks more workers are going to wind up benefiting from this and the mainstream media wants to tell you.

“I think there some of it is going to be beneficial to workers, and some of it is going to be just paper,” Lewis stated.

While some companies will hold that extra money in reserve we have already seen AT&T and Comcast announce bonuses, though AT&T did say they will have layoffs coming early next year.

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