Getting through flu season with an ineffective shot

The flu season has picked up. The CDC reports the cases have doubled from last year. What’s worse is that the flu shot is only 10% effective in Australia...where it was developed, which mean we’ll have the same problem. Dr. Al Johnson said the four strain variations they picked were not right.

“The one that people are infected with are not the exactly the same with what’s in the shot this year. So, that creates a less effectiveness of the shot. The shot does boost your immune system in general also, so it’s not totally ineffective,” said Johnson.

He said flu shots are effective for about three months.

“Flu season comes late and you got an early flu shot it may not protect you later in the Spring. Sometimes a second flu shot may be necessary,” said Johnson.

If you get the flu and aren't getting better, you may have come down with a secondary bacterial infection that requires antibiotics. He said over the counter drugs help reduce your cold and flu symptoms. Vitamin C also acts in an anti-viral in higher doses.

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