Never Trumpers changing their tune

You remember how vocal the Republican Never Trumpers were, right? Well you’re not hearing as much from them lately. That’s probably because Trump got a big win this week when Congress passed tax reform.

And you saw some of those Never Trumpers, like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, standing behind the President, and beaming with pride this week. Political analyst Jacquie Baly tells KTRH this is politicians changing their minds because they think it will help them.

“They want to see how people are thinking and how to vote. They also knew they needed some kind of legislative victory going into the midterm elections,” Baly explained.

Which they got with tax reform. But Baly says you are smarter than the politicians give you credit for. You see through the act, and the President has helped to expose the Never Trumpers.

“Not only has he revealed how useless Congress is. He said he was draining the swamp. It wasn’t just Democrats. It was members of his own party as well,” Baly said, adding that the Never Trumpers now changing their tune and going all in is just another example of how lawmakers are all about elections and not about serving you.

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