Last Minute Help for Harvey

No one in southeast Texas was entirely spared from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey, even those whose houses never flooded. It was the first storm of that magnitude to hit the U.S. coastline since Charley in 2004. Harvey came ashore near Rockport that hot August night, and over an agonizingly slow journey, meandered up the interior coast and brought flooding to a region grown accustomed to looking out to the Gulf Coast for threats of danger. Without strong winds but with relentless rains, we were deluged by up to 61 inches of precipitation. We are still coping. We are still survivors. We are still helping one another as only Texans do.

If you are still looking for a way to make a special difference in someone who is still struggling with the aftermath over the holiday, a good place to start is

Sara Nason, spokesperson for the organization, suggests going to the Hot Topics button, where you’ll find among the selections, “Hurricane Harvey.” She says all of the groups listed are three and four star organizations, offering medical and financial assistance, relief supplies, housing, and resources to help children.

Among the non-profits they specifically recommend as worthy of consideration are the Houston SPCA, Houston Humane Society, the Houston Food Bank, Food Bank of Corpus Christi, and the San Antonio Humane Society.

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