Judge Criticizes Harvey Delays

A federal judge is fed up with government lawyers who are seeking delays in lawsuits involving damage from Harvey. 

In a hearing this week, Chief Judge Susan Braden of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims gave an earful to lawyers who had asked for a year to allow the Army Corps of Engineers to "look for documents."  Braden was addressing a Houston courtroom this week with 20 lawyers representing both the U.S. government and more than 15-hundred Houstonians whose homes were flooded near the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs.

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz is promising Washington, DC will help the Gulf Coast recover from Hurricane Harvey.  

He writes in "Corpus Christi Caller-Times" that Texans in federally declared hurricane disaster areas do have additional tax relief through new deductions.  The deductions include letting people calculate their earned income tax credit and child tax credit based on last year's earned income. 

Cruz is also promising to make sure more federal cash comes to the region to help everyone rebuild.

 The state is helping Galveston County communities pick up the pieces after Harvey.  Governor Greg Abbott was in League City this week to dole out some state funds to local elected officials.  

The governor handed a check for one-and-a-quarter-million dollars to Mayor Julie Masters of Dickinson, which was one of the cities hardest hit by the storm's floods.  That was the largest check handed out at the event.  

Checks for smaller amounts went to League City, La Marque and Friendswood. 

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