The Grinch controls the Fuel Pumps

Here's a Christmas present you don't want: higher gasoline prices. Analysts say this'll be the priciest Christmas at the pumps since 2013.

Gasbuddy's chief petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan says we're about ten cents higher than a year ago.

"Prices have started to come back down in recent weeks but we're still going to go down with the dubious title of most expensive Christmas in years."

DeHaan says it's primarily the result of OPEC's production cutbacks in 2016.

"A lot of this has to do with the big picture things, like oil production; U.S. oil inventories are down significantly versus a year ago."

DeHaan says the good news is prices will fall.

"We may not be on this downward trend every single day for the next few weeks but more often than not prices should be falling or remaining relatively low; in fact it's possible that average prices in Houston do fall under the two dollar mark."

GasBuddy says when you're on a long trip, avoid using a lead foot; driving the speed limit will save fuel. Also, GasBuddy suggests you pay attention to prices from state to state; some states have much lower fuel taxes than others.

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