Economic confidence continues to rise

The economy has been improving steadily since President Trump won the election last year. He says tax reform will make the economy even stronger. Apparently you are getting that message, and buying into it.

The CNBC All American Economic survey says more than half of you feel that the economy is either good or excellent. That has never happened before. How long can this last? Private wealth advisor Derrick Kinney tells KTRH no one knows. That said at some point there will be a drop.

“Based on economics, it’s normal for markets to go up and down,” Kinney explained. We’ve seen now almost ten years where the market really hasn’t had a significant drop.”

So what could cause a drop in the market and a drag on the economy? Kinney says keep an eye on North Korea.

“We’ve not really had a President before that has said we will face this issue head on. If that were to happen, the market could be very volatile,” Kinney said.

Kinney also believes that the Russia investigation could also cause a pullback. And your confidence in the economy could, too. Because we might be so confident and take on more debt that it eventually causes a bubble. Almost 41% of you told the poll you expect the economy to be even better next year.

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