POLL: Uber to the Rescue

People who have medical emergencies are starting to turn to Uber, instead of calling an ambulance.

A study investigated ambulance rates in 766 cities in 43 states, and found that the ride-hailing app cut ambulance usage by seven-percent.

"The indicators are all there to say, yes, it does have an impact."

Mark Montgomery of Uberhints.com says that for many people, the choice to skip the ambulances is an economical one.

"If it's not being paid by insurance who's paying for it? We have to pay for it; and in many cases that's hundreds or thousands of dollars."

Montgomery says for non-life-threatening situations, the choice of Uber is academic.

"If I can pay 15-bucks, 20-bucks, 25-bucks for an Uber ride instead of an ambulance, you better believe I'm gonna do it!"

Uber says it's drivers are not a substitute in a medical emergency, and that people should call 911.

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